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There were so many preparations for precision machining.
  For the precision machining process, the process is very strict and requires a very high standard. If all the links in the process are not confirmed and examined before processing, it will bring uni
Rigorous process for precision machining
  Precision machining: It is realized by using precision machine tools and precision measuring tools/measuring instruments under strictly controlled environment. Machining accuracy up to and above 0.1
Classification and process flow of aluminum alloy die castings
  [aluminum road network] classification of aluminum alloy die castings   Aluminum die castings can be manufactured into aluminum die-casting automotive parts, aluminum die-casting automotive engine
Warmly welcome the official website of Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd in Weihai.
  Weihai hot river Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd was founded in 2015, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Weihai, Shandong. The company mainly engaged in optical fiber communication equipment, s
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